Seasons 2019/20 Review


Wharfedale - The three teams consolidated their positions in Divs 1 and 2 and 3 respectively in 2019. The idea was to offer everyone a chance to play mixed tennis at any level. However with the increased popuarity of social tennis in 2020 it was decided at the AGM to drop the third team.


Friendly - The first team stay in division 2 and after a hard season in that division the 2nd team were relegated back to Division 3 at the end of 2019. This league has an unusual format of mixed, ladies and men's doubles.


If you are interested in playing in teams either let Solna, the secretary, know or contact the captains direct as follows:



Men team - Jake Rushworth

Ladies first team - Deirdre Dorrington

Ladies second team - Jane Christie



A - Nick Hardie/Sarah Denby

B - Deirdre Dorrington




A - Kath Brammah

B - Solna Burnham




There was no league tennis in 2020


Parks - We have three teams in the Parks Leagues on Saturday afternoons.The Mens first team are in the second division.


The first ladies team was relegated at the ned of 2019 and so play in division 2 with the second team - some needle matches are anticipated!

Parks Do